Take a trip down memory lane as you meet all your beloved comic characters from the Asterix & Obelix comic series at Parc Astérix. Counted amongst the top 3 largest theme parks in France, Parc Astérix is frequented by a whopping 2 million visitors annually. The rides and exhibits at the park draw inspiration from a wide range of historic cultures such as Ancient Greece and Egypt besides, the Gallic and Roman cultures depicted in the comics. Situated 35 km away from Paris, the theme park is easily accessible and is perfect for a leisurely day out with your loved ones.


Parc Astérix is one of the biggest theme amusement parks in the country and showcases some of the most enjoyable rides, attractions, and shows. It is perfect for families, kids, and energetic teenagers hungry for fresh experiences.

  • Enjoy Attention Menhir!, an all-new attraction that showcases a 4D film using motion simulator seats in the Idefix Studios.

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Know Before You Visit

It is best to be well-prepared before you go on your next adventure at Parc Astérix. Here is all the information you will need before you plan your trip to this fascinating amusement park.

Asterix Park Paris Facilites
  • Children’s bracelets are available for young kids corresponding to their size. You can write your phone number on it as a precautionary measure. 
  • Baby rooms are present at numerous spots in Parc Astérix. You can use these rooms to warm up your child’s meals or change their clothing. 
  • There are 3 ATMs located in Parc Astérix. 2 are located at the entrance to Credit Latin, and another at the post office located in the middle of the park. 
  • Pushchairs and wheelchairs are available for rent at the park. You will have to pay a refundable deposit of 50 Euros. The daily charge for renting a pushchair is 5 Euros. Due to the limited availability, wheelchairs will be provided on a first-come-first-serve basis. 
  • Lockers are available at the park. Please note that the cost is 5 Euros per item deposited here.
Asterix Park Paris Accessibility
  • Wheelchairs are available free of charge at the entrance desk after giving a refundable deposit of 50 Euros.
  • There are special discounted tickets for people with reduced mobility as well as people accompanying them. 
  • Wheelchair-bound guests must present a Disabled Identification Card or a Priority Disabled Card at the entrance. After doing so, they will be given an Easy Access armband as well as a guidebook. The armband and guidebook will give you access to alternative entrances to the attractions. 
  • Specially adapted car parking spaces are available in car parks 1 and 2, located closest to the entrance. 
  • Assistance dogs are allowed into the park once presenting a permit, confirming that the dog has been trained. Dogs must wear an authorized collar or dog vest. 
  • All visitors must wear a face mask covering their mouth and nose at all times. Visitors are required to bring their own masks to the park. 
  • There are numerous hand sanitiser stations throughout the park for guests to avail. 
  • Social distancing of 1 meter must be followed by all visitors in the park. 1.5 meters of social distancing must be maintained in queues. 
  • Extra cleaning and disinfection is performed at the various touchpoints and commonly visited areas of the park.
  • There are new boarding rules at each of the attractions. Please ensure that you follow the instructions and guidelines for your safety. 
  • All the attractions are disinfected after each ride. 
Asterix Park Paris Visitor Tips

Here are some handy tips to keep in mind before you visit Parc Astérix.

  • Parc Astérix has its very own mobile application that can be downloaded for free. You can check out practical information and get an overview of the park’s various attractions and rides.
  • If possible, plan your visit on a weekday to avoid a holiday crowd.
  • If you have booked accommodation at La Cite Suspende, Les Quais de Lutece, or Les Trois Hiboux hotel, you can deposit items for free at the venue. 
  • If your child is below a certain minimum height, parents are allowed to take part in rides and attractions without queueing twice. Please speak to the operator to avail of this benefit. 
  • There are several picnic areas at various locations in the park for you to relax.
Asterix Park Paris Park Rules
  • Smoking is not allowed inside Parc Astérix.
  • Pets are not allowed into the park. However, you will find kennels at the entrance, which can be rented for a fee of 15 Euros. 
  • Food and beverages from outside are not allowed in the park. 

Address: 60128 Plailly, France
Parking: Ample parking space is available for cars. Note that the parking fee is charged at 15 Euros. 
Getting There:

  • Taxi/Car:
    The park is located about 35 kilometres to the north of Paris. It is located on the A1 motorway leading to Lille. Take the direct exit towards Parc Asterix between exits number 7 and 8.
  • Bus:
    - BlaBlaBus departs from and returns to Paris, Lille, and Bruxelles every day.
    - FLIXBUS departs from and returns to Paris, Toucoring, Bethune, Lille, and Bruges everyday.
    - Isi lines depart from Lille Boulevard de Turin at 7:45 AM every day and return to Lilee at 5:45 PM every day. 
  • Train: 
    Taking a train is the simplest way to reach Parc Astérix. The RER (the suburban rail network) is available every 30 minutes. Take line 8 from Paris du Nord and get off at Aeroport Charles de Gaulle 1. Speak to a steward to learn about the Parc Astérix shuttle from here.
Asterix Park Paris Food & Drinks

There are 14 eateries located inside Parc Astérix. Here are a few interesting ones that you should consider stopping by:

  •  Caius Pizzarium: Enjoy some delicious pizza and pasta at this fast food joint. 
  • LE Cirque: Set on a colourful top, you can enjoy a filling buffet meal at this restaurant.
  • Fritapopoulos: If you fancy a quick bite, you can enjoy some chips and sandwiches at Fritapopoulos. 
  • Le Petit Chaudron: Burgers and pizza are on offer at this stand in the middle of a lush green setting.
  • Aux Fastest de Rome: Enjoy some Roman-style fast food at this restaurant that features terraces overlooking Rapidus and Romus.
  • Les Trois Hiboux: Enjoy a stay at a 3-star hotel. Situated 200m away from the park, you can enjoy the Gallic lifestyle and feast on breakfast the next day with Asterix and Obelix.
  • La Cité Suspendue: Bask in the wonder of an ancient civilization as you stay in a hotel modelled after a forgotten city.
  • Les Quais de Lutèce: Experience the Roman culture of relaxing on the banks of the Seine in this 4-star hotel.


What is Parc Astérix?

Parc Astérix is a theme park based on the comic book series by Albert Uderzo and Rene Goscinny. It is France’s second-biggest theme park after Disneyland Paris. 

Is Parc Astérix open post-COVID-19? 

Yes, Parc Astérix is open post-COVID-19 for you to visit.

Is it safe to visit Parc Astérix post-COVID-19?  

Parc Astérix has safety and precautionary measures in place to ensure the safety of its visitors and guests. From reduced capacity at rides and attractions to limited physical contact, all precautions have been followed.

Where is Parc Astérix located? 

Parc Astérix is located at 60128 Pially, about 35 kilometres to the north of Paris. 

What are Parc Astérix opening hours? 

Astrix Park opening hours are as follows:

What’s the best time to visit Parc Astérix? 

The best time to visit Parc Astérix is on the weekdays. Crowds are much higher on weekends and public holidays, and it can become quite a hassle to wait in long queues to enjoy some popular rides and attractions. 

How much time do you need at Parc Astérix? 

To explore the entire park, you will need about 6-7 hours. 

What is unique about Parc Astérix? 

Parc Astérix is France’s second-largest theme park and features a large variety of roller coasters that are themed around historic cultures such as Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, the Romans, and the Gauls.

Is Parc Astérix an outdoor or indoor park? 

Parc Astérix is an outdoor park.

What are the best things to do inside Parc Astérix? 

The best rides at Parc Astérix are Goudorix, Tonnerre de Zeus, Romus et Rapidus, and Oziris.

Is Parc Astérix suitable for toddlers? 

Yes, Parc Astérix is perfectly suitable for toddlers. There are several areas and zones dedicated to attractions for toddlers and young kids. 

Is there any dress code inside Parc Astérix? 

No, there is no strict dress code at Parc Astérix. However, guests must refrain from wearing offensive clothing and slogans.

Is outside food allowed in Parc Astérix?  

Outside food is not allowed into Parc Astérix. There are numerous restaurants at various locations in the park where you can enjoy a variety of food. 

What type of restaurants does Parc Astérix offer?  

There are restaurants serving Roman-type fast food, Roman-style pizza, as well as a restaurant with an elaborate buffet menu.

Are there any ATMs available at Parc Astérix? 

Yes, there are 3 ATMs inside Parc Astérix. 

Are strollers and wheelchairs available inside Parc Astérix? 

Yes, strollers and wheelchairs can be rented at Parc Astérix. Please note that there is a limited number of strollers and wheelchairs, and they are given out on a first come first serve basis. 

Is there a baby room inside Parc Astérix? 

Yes, nursing rooms are available at the park.

Is there a free parking space inside Parc Astérix? 

No, free parking is not available at Parc Astérix. The parking fee is 15 Euros for one day. 

Can children enter Parc Astérix alone? 

No, children must be accompanied by an adult to enter Parc Astérix. 

Can I get First Aid at Parc Astérix? 

Yes, first aid is available at the park to treat minor injuries.