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Address: Dreamworld Pkwy, Coomera QLD 4209, Australia
Duration: 5-6 hours
Timings: See all hours

Dreamworld is Australia’s largest amusement park, situated on the Gold Coast in Queensland. It would be fair to call Dreamworld an ‘amusement complex’ instead of a theme park as it is sprawled over an area of 210 acres and boasts over 40 rides and attractions. Aside from theme-park rides, Dreamworld is also home to Tiger Island and Corroboree Park, where you can interact with Australian wildlife! If you’re looking to cool off, Dreamworld is connected to Whitewater World; a theme park where you can freak out on some of the craziest water rides you’ll ever experience.


The history of Dreamworld stretches back to 1981 when John Longhurst bought 85 hectares of land to set up the park. With just a few rides, Longhurst brought to life one of Australia’s most iconic attractions. Today, Dreamworld has transformed beyond any imaginable concept of a theme park. 

  • While Dreamworld has plenty of rides for those adrenaline junkies, it’s also home to attractions for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Whitewater World forms a part of Dreamworld and happens to be one of the largest water-themed parks in Australia. 
  • It’s home to Australia’s largest free-falling ride, The Giant Drop. Here you can experience the full force of gravity for a jaw-dropping 119 metres! 
  • Dreamworld has multiple rides designed specifically for toddlers, unlike most theme parks where rides are designed only for those above a certain height.
  • Corroboree Park at Dreamworld is home to koalas, kangaroos, and other Australian wildlife that you can interact with.
  • The park is home to SkyPoint, Australia’s only beachside observation deck with the most scenic views for its visitors.
  • Some of the more adrenaline-fueled rides overlook the beach, which makes for a unique, thrilling experience.
  • It’s home to the only Motocoaster featuring life-size replicas of 500CC racing bikes. 
  • Many of the seats on the rides at Dreamworld are custom-designed to accommodate disabled guests. 

Explore Dreamworld

Dreamworld has been designed systematically, with the park divided into distinct zones so guests can plan their visit and allocate enough time to each section of the park.

Dreamworld Gold Coast ABC Kids

ABC Kids

ABC Kids World is a subsection of Dreamworld dedicated to the characters aired on ABC Kids. If you’re a young family with a toddler, ABC Kids World is the perfect part of the park to spend your time. It’s got plenty of rides and attractions for your kids to enjoy! 

Dreamworld Gold Coast Corroboree


Dreamworld’s Corroboree is a unique wildlife space that is home to some of Australia’s native animals. Here you can find dingos, kangaroos, koalas, wombats, bilbies, crocodiles, and other creatures in their natural habitat. You can even get a picture of yourself holding one of the adorable koalas at the park.

Dreamworld Gold Coast DreamWorks Experience

DreamWorks** **Experience

At DreamWorks Experience, you get to relive some of your favourite DreamWorks movies, including Shrek, Madagascar, and Kung Fu Panda. It’s a world where fairy tales come to life and you can enjoy Shrek-themed rides, live animation shows with King Julien from Madagascar, and learn karate from Po himself! 

Dreamworld Gold Coast Main Street

Main Street 

Main Street is a themed land in Dreamworld that acts as the main hub for people to gather and decide which part of the park they would like to explore. Main Street acts as a gateway to other parts of the park, including DreamWorks Experience, Ocean Parade, and Gold Rush Country.

Dreamworld Gold Coast Ocean Parade

Ocean Parade

Ocean Parade is a subsection of Dreamworld featuring 2 of the 7 ‘big thrill’ rides in the park - The Claw and Hot Wheels Sidewinder. It’s exciting and enjoyable because it has an Australian beach culture theme, with various beach-themed rides making up most of the area.

Dreamworld Gold Coast Tiger Island

Tiger Island 

Tiger Island is a part of the conservation work started by Dreamworld in collaboration with DWF. Here you get to experience the sheer grace of tigers in their natural environment. You can also crawl through ‘viewing tunnels’ and get up close and personal with these big cats.

Dreamworld Gold Coast WhiteWater World

WhiteWater World

This watery extension of Dreamworld is so large, it’s a park in itself! At WhiteWater World, you can enter the ‘Cave of Waves’ or take a spin on the famous ‘Hydrocoaster’. This part of the park is especially amazing during the summer months when a serious cooling off is necessary.

Things To Do Dreamworld

Dreamworld is home to a lifetime of experiences, with each section of the park satisfying a distinct call to adventure. Aside from their rides, Dreamworld has many other attractions.

Dreamworld Gold Coast Attractions


Being home to Corroboree and Tiger Park, Dreamworld offers the chance to explore a unique set of attractions and experiences not available anywhere else. Aside from the attractions, sections like DreamWorks Experience and ABC Kids gives you a chance to interact with the warm, welcoming staff at the park.

Dreamworld Gold Coast Rides


Dreamworld has some of the most exciting rides in the world. You can enjoy the 7 ‘big thrill’ rides where you’re sure to get a lifetime’s worth of adrenaline in a single day. The park has a variety of attractions to satisfy all your cravings for adventure.

Dreamworld Gold Coast Shows


If you’re in the mood for entertainment, Dreamworld offers a variety of shows for you to attend. At Tiger Island, you get to watch the cats in their natural setting. You can also drop into King Julien’s theatre, for the Madagascar live show with your favourite DreamWorks characters.

Dreamworld Gold Coast Events


Dreamworld hosts events during certain parts of the year, during which the park is completely transformed. During Winterfest, the park is completely transformed into a winter-themed wonderland. ‘Happy Halloween’ happens on selected nights in October, where the food, rides, and entertainment takes on a spooky twist. Dreamworld also hosts a ‘Park After Dark’ event where the park comes to life in the dark.

Dreamworld Gold Coast Shopping


With more than 10 large, uniquely-developed shopping outlets to choose from, Dreamworld caters to a wide audience looking to pick up something memorable during their visit. Shops like the Lego Store, Dreampix Photos, and Sirf Central, are located at different sections of the park and can greatly enhance the experience.

Dreamworld Gold Coast Dining


With an array of food and beverage stalls, Dreamworld offers a wide variety of refreshments to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a meal or something to munch on, Dreamworld has it all. You can stop at the burger bar, churros stand, or ice cream parlour before returning to the attractions.

Know Before You Visit

Dreamworld is a large space, spanning over 210 acres. To make the most of your visit, prior planning is needed. Here are a few things to know before you visit.

Dreamworld Gold Coast Opening Hours

Dreamworld Gold Coast timings are as follows:

  • Daily: 10 AM - 5 PM
  • Closed on ANZAC Day and Christmas Day

Whitewater World timings are as follows:
Seasonal operating hours (through to 28 March)

  • Each Fri: 11 AM - 4 PM
  • Each Sat & Sun: 10 AM - 5 PM
    Easter school holidays (2 April - 18 April)
  • Daily 10 AM - 5 PM
    Seasonal closure (29 March - September School Holidays)
  • Park closed
  • Closed on ANZAC Day and Christmas Day

Best time to visit:

  • The summer months are an excellent time to visit the park. That way you can pair the visit with a quick trip to Whitewater World. You also want to be on the lookout for events like Happy Halloween, Park After Dark, and Winterfest, when the park is completely transformed.
Dreamworld Gold Coast Getting There

Address: Dreamworld Pkwy, Coomera QLD 4209, Australia
Parking: If you’ve got a ticket to Dreamworld, you’ve got access to the car park and there’s plenty of space available!
Getting There:  
Dreamworld is located in South East Queensland, at the northern end of the Gold Coast, roughly 48 km (40 minutes) from Brisbane, and there are multiple ways to get to the park.

  • Taxi/Car 
    Whether you’re driving down or booking a cab to get to the park, there are a few locations from where you can easily access the park. It takes about 25 minutes from Surfers Paradise, 35 minutes from the Gold Coast Airport, 45 minutes from Brisbane Airport, and 45 minutes from Brisbane City.
  • Metro
    Dreamworld is close to Coomera and Helensvale stations, both of which lie on the Gold Coast-line. Get a copy of the train timetable and hop on the train heading to either of these stations. You can even pick up a Dreamworld ticket at the Coomera station.
  • Bus
    Dreamworld is an official bus stop between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. It is serviced by Surfside bus lines, with regular buses travelling between these locations.
Dreamworld Gold Coast Facilites
  • Dreamworld has 3 easily-accessible ATMs. You’ll find one right next to the entry, a CBA ATM at Whitewater World inside the park, and a Cashcard ATM at the Dreamworld Parkway.
  • You’ll find a separate section at the entry to pick up strollers and wheelchairs for toddlers or disabled guests.
  • You can find a prayer room near the ABC Kids World Shop, for those looking for a quiet space to recuperate during their visit.
  • Apart from the designated smoking areas, Dreamworld strictly prohibits smoking throughout the park. 
  • You’ll find drinking fountains scattered throughout various sections of the park, for guests who need to hydrate before continuing on their adventure.
  • Dreamworld even offers locker facilities to store bags or carry-ons so you can roam the park hands-free.
  • The park has a health centre with medical facilities which can be found next to the Sky Voyager ride.
Dreamworld Gold Coast Accessibility
  • There’s a reserved parking space available in the car park for guests whose vehicles display a Disability Parking Permit.
  • Guests with disabilities may visit the park with a companion to assist them and provide care and support during the visit. All that is needed is a companion card, which can be easily procured, and guests are entitled to one free ticket for their caregiver.
  • All restrooms at the park are equipped with facilities designed to be accessed by wheelchairs. Shower amenities, as well as adult tables for changing, can be found in all the restrooms.
  • Guide dogs are welcome to the park, barring, of course, a few wildlife zones.
  • All shopping, entertainment, and dining facilities throughout the park are wheelchair accessible. Most of the attractions also have specific accommodations built for disabled guests.
  • Guests with medically-related dietary requirements are allowed to carry their own food into the park upon providing adequate medical proof.
Dreamworld Gold Coast Park Rules
  • Guests should try and maintain a minimum of 1.5m social distancing as shown by the floor indicators throughout the park. 
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited on the park premises, except for the two areas designated specifically for smoking.
  • Outside food and beverages are not allowed in the park unless you are required to be on a specific diet, for which medical proof is required. 
  • Pets are not allowed inside the park unless they are guide dogs assisting disabled guests.
  • Guests should not feed the animals at the park unsupervised; there are specific zones where park-regulated feeding takes place under supervision.
Dreamworld Gold Coast Visitor Tips

While it may be as straightforward as buying a ticket and walking into the park, there are a few tips to keep in mind when visiting Dreamworld.

  • Find a hostel or accommodation close to the park, especially if you’re planning to go around the whole of Dreamworld, as this may take more than one day.
  • Visit the park as early as possible (preferably when it opens) so that you make the most out of your experience. 
  • It’s best to plan a trip to Dreamworld in the summer when you can cool off in all the water rides at Whitewater World. 
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing as many of the rides have strap-on harnesses and belts which can be uncomfortable if your clothing is too restrictive.
  • Book your tickets well in advance as the capacity has been significantly reduced due to COVID-19.
Dreamworld Gold Coast Food & Drinks

Dreamworld is home to a variety of eateries where guests can rest and refuel before getting to the other attractions.

  • Churros Stand - For those who want a taste of that warm, cinnamon-y goodness!
  • Dough Bros. Pizzeria - Where you choose from a range of gourmet-style pizzas.
  • Food Central - A place where you can grab a quick bite, whether it’s a burger or a foot-long hot dog.
  • Green Bean Coffee Co. - Enjoy a delicious Byron Bay coffee brewed by trained baristas! 
  • Ice Cream Parlour - Bringing back that retro 80’s vibe with delicious creamy ice creams and mega milkshakes.
  • Presto’s Training Cafe - This training cafe for aboriginals serves up a combination of delicious sandwiches, coffee, and desserts.
  • The Sandwich Shop - Here you’ll have access to a variety of sandwiches, wraps, and salads.
  • Barrels Burger Bar - Head to Barrels for gourmet burgers, loaded fries, and their own craft beer.
Dreamworld Gold Coast Accomodation

While Dreamworld itself does not offer accommodation, there are places to stay nearby, from budget-friendly backpacker hostels to luxurious villas. 

  • If you’re looking for an inexpensive option you can check out Aussie Dream Hostel or Backpackers in Paradise.
  • Mid-range options are also available. Coomera Motor Inn and Amituofo Guesthouse are easily accessible from Dreamworld.
  • For a more luxurious experience, book your spot at Sanctuary Cove Resort or Azzura Greens Resort. 
Dreamworld Gold Coast Shopping

Dreamworld has a wide range of stores that offer a unique shopping experience.

  • To take home some fun souvenirs, you can stop at Lego Store, ABC Kids World Shop, Madagascar Cargo Hold, Tiger Bazaar, Main Street Emporium, and/or Fairy Tale Treasures. 
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth at Shrek’s Treats, Jelly Belly, Shaka Shack, or Candy Nut & Fudge. 
  • Finally, you can take home your favourite memories at the park by choosing photos from the Dreampix Store and Motocoaster Pitstop Shop.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dreamworld

What is Dreamworld Australia?

A: Dreamworld is the largest theme park in Australia, with various rides and attractions spread over an area of 210 acres.

Where is Dreamworld Australia located?

A: Dreamworld Australia is situated on the Gold Coast, in Queensland Australia.

What are Dreamworld Australia opening hours?

A: Dreamworld Gold Coast timings are as follows:

WhiteWater World timings are as follows:

Seasonal operating hours (through to 28 March)

Each Sat & Sun: 10 AM - 5 PM

Easter school holidays (2 April - 18 April)

Daily 10 AM - 5 PM

Seasonal closure (29 March - September School Holidays)

What’s the best time to visit Dreamworld Australia?

A: The best time to visit would be in the morning when the park opens so you have enough time to visit as many attractions as possible. The best season would be summer, as Whitewater World is highly enjoyable during this time of the year.

How big is Dreamworld Australia? 

A: Dreamworld Australia is spread over a whopping 210 acres.

How much time do you need at Dreamworld Australia?

A: One day is usually enough to go through all the attractions in the park. However, if you’re planning to spend time at Whitewater World, then you’ll need a minimum of two days to enjoy the park completely. 

What is unique about Dreamworld Australia?

A: Perhaps the most unique feature of this theme park is that it combines rides, entertainment, and wildlife experiences in a single space. 

Is Dreamworld Australia an outdoor or indoor park?

A: Dreamworld Australia is an outdoor park with a few of the eateries and entertainment shows being indoors. 

How much do Dreamworld Australia tickets cost?

A: Dreamworld offers different ticket packages. Tickets start at AU$99. 

What are the best things to do inside Dreamworld Australia?

A: This differs based on the kind of experiences you’re looking for. If you’re searching for an adrenaline rush, you should definitely sign up for all seven ‘big thrill’ rides. 

How many rides are there inside Dreamworld Australia?

A: Dreamworld Australia is home to at least 40 rides and attractions.

Is Dreamworld Australia suitable for toddlers?

A: Yes, it is suitable for toddlers with many rides designed specifically for them. 

Is there any dress code inside Dreamworld Australia?

A: No there is no specific dress code required inside the park.

Is outside food allowed in Dreamworld Australia? 

A: No, outside food is not allowed inside the park unless you have medical proof stating that you are required to eat a particular diet.

Where can I eat at Dreamworld Australia? 

A: Dreamworld has over 9 stalls where you can buy an array of different foods to eat.

Are there any ATMs available at Dreamworld Australia?

A: Yes, there are at least two ATMs in the park and they can be located on the digital map accessible through the park’s wifi.

Are strollers and wheelchairs available inside Dreamworld Australia?

A: Yes, you can rent strollers and wheelchairs near the park entrance.

Are lockers available inside Dreamworld Australia?  

A: Yes, lockers are available on the park premises.

Is there a baby room inside Dreamworld Australia?

A: Yes there is a baby or ‘parenting’ room inside the park accessible to all who wish to use it.

Is there a free parking space inside Dreamworld Australia? 

A: Yes there is a free parking space right outside, in front of the park entrance.

Can children enter Dreamworld Australia alone?

A: Children up to the age of 13 are considered juniors and require a guardian in order to enter the park. However, those aged 14 and above will be granted permission to enter the park on their own. 

Can I get First Aid at Dreamworld Australia?

A: Yes, Dreamworld Australia has a health centre where guests can avail of first aid as well as expert medical treatment.

Are guide dogs allowed at Dreamworld Australia?

A: Yes, guide dogs are allowed into the park provided that guests provide proof related to the necessity of the guide dog.

How do I contact Dreamworld Australia? 

A: The reception desk is open every day excluding Christmas and ANZAC day, and you may contact them directly through telephone on this number - +61 7 5588 1111. 

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