Leofoo Village Theme Park

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Address: 306, Taiwan, Hsinchu County, Guanxi Township, 60號
Duration: 5-6 hours
Timings: See all hours
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Want to experience a wildlife park, water park, theme park, and much more at once? Then the Leofoo Village Park is the place to be. Often touted as the crown jewel of Taiwan, this extensive amusement park offers something for everyone to enjoy. With themes of Arabian Kingdom, African Safari, South Pacific, and Wild West, diverse food options, exotic wildlife, and thrilling rides, this park is the perfect place to set your inner child free!


Leofoo Village theme park flaunts a 100 hectare with four magical worlds and over 60 rides and attractions. It is the most diverse amusement park in Taiwan with a waterpark, a safari area, and a safari-themed hotel. Here are some attractions that you must visit inside this jam-packed park.

  • If you want an adrenaline rush to be sure to ride ‘The Screaming Condor’ in the Wild West Zone.
  • This park also doubles as a waterpark, which is open June through September, opening up rides for the water lovers to enjoy.
  • This theme park has something for every age group to enjoy. Low and high thrill rides, family rides, indoor attractions, and live performances, everything is served to to to choose from.
  • You can enter into the wild with the African Safari and experience TIgers, Bears, Lions, Baboons, etc in their natural environment.
  • Guests can plan a stay at the Leofoo Resort Guan shi, to truly experience sharing space with the wild. The rooms have french casement windows through which you can see Rhinos, Giraffes, Zebras, etc.
  • There are a lot of opportunities for animal interaction in this park. You could visit the Explore the mystery of forest live show to make friends with exotic birds, visit the Lemur experience to get up close with ring-tailed Lemurs, and experience horse riding and feeding if you crave the cowboy experience.

Explore Leofoo Village Theme Park

There are 4 main zones to explore in the Leofoo Village Theme Park. Here’s an overview of what you can expect in these zones.

Arabian Kingdom

It is an adventure–magical themed area, featuring attractions such as the Ring of Fire, spinning riders inside a large metal circle in continuous loops. A crowd favourite is the Flying Horse ride, which is a dark ride–monorail. A close second is Sultan's Adventure, an Intamin high-speed jeep ride.

African Safari

This is a wild safari-themed area that features animal interactive attractions and rides as well. You can experience a wildlife safari here inside an inhouse steam train, or bus. You can see Black Bears, Bengal Tigers, African Lions, etc on this safari. The top ride here is the Sahara twist. 

South Pacific

This is a tropical-themed area with exciting rides and attractions. The best attractions here include Intamin Drop Tower, Pagoda's Revenge, dropping riders from a giant mask back to the ground, and an Intamin log flume called Mighty Mountain Flume Adventure.

Wild West

As the name suggests, it is an old-west-themed area with thrilling rides, picturesque spots, and live shows. The centre attraction is an inverted coaster called Screaming Condor. It also includes the Big Canyon Rapids, a river rapids ride. The aesthetic makes a great spot to click those authentic cowboy pictures!

Know Before You Visit

Here’s everything to know before you visit the Loefoo Villiage Theme Park.

Leofoo Village Theme Park opening hours are as follows:

  • Mon to Fri: 9:30 AM - 5 PM
  • Sat to Sun: 9 AM - 5 PM

Best Time to Visit:

  • The best time to visit Leofoo Village Theme Park would be from June to September as the waterpark is open then.
  • You can visit towards September for a sunny experience. To avoid crowds you could come on a weekday, though there are no performances on Mondays.

Address: 306, Taiwan, Hsinchu County, Guanxi Township, 60號
Parking: There are 3000 standard parking spaces available in the park. It costs $100 Taiwanese dollars for a 4 wheeler and $30 Taiwanese dollars for a motorcycle.
Getting There:

  • Bus: You can take, take Bus No. 5350, from Taipei, which leaves from Taipei Songshan Airport and passes Taipei Metro’s Zhongxiao Dunhua, Gongguan, and Jingan stations before zipping to the park. The ride takes about one hour.
  • Pick-up service: The park offers a pick-up service on weekends and public holidays from Hsinchu High-Speed Rail Station departing 8:45 am and 10:20 am (HSR Station) and 4 pm and 5:30 pm (Leofoo Village).
  • Car: This is the fastest way to reach the park. It takes around 41 mins to travel the distance of 51.2 km from Taiwan airport to the Loefoo Village Theme Park. Take township road 27 and follow the signs to the park.
  • You can rent one of the 90 prams available in the park. They cost $50 per day, and you also need to pay a deposit of $500 over it.
  • Lockers are available for $50 a day for your carry-on luggage.
  • For bigger luggage, which can not fit into the locker, you can refer to the guest service center near the main gate. It would cost you $50 per item, per day.
  • There is a pet house at the guest service center where you can temporarily place your pets for $50 per day. However only people with specific needs are allowed to bring pets.
  • There is only one ATM in the park beside the souvenir house.
  • All the restrooms in the park have facilities that are accessible.
  • The guests can bring assistance animals with them, however, they need to be kept in the guest service center as they can not enter the park. It costs $50 Taiwanese dollars per time.
  • There are two nursing rooms available in the park in two places, one near the guest service center and the other near Doc holiday’s coffee shop.
  • There are disability-friendly rides in the park including riding boots, Giant sea monster, The Toucan, and Steam train among others.
  • Toddlers can enjoy many rides inside the park as well including Little horse carriages, Cavalry, Mine Cart, Ferris Wheel, etc
  • Outside food is not allowed inside the park premises.
  • Once you exchange your ticket for a wristband, it is irreplaceable even if you lose or break it.
  • You need to wear masks at all times inside the park.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the rides, however, there are pet boarding services available. This service requires a valid photo ID for registration.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.

This diverse park can be confusing to navigate. Here’s everything you need to know before you venture into Leofoo Village Park.

  • Download and use the Line up app from the Google play store to virtually save your place in the queue of the ride you wish to enjoy. 
  • Bring appropriate swimwear with you, without buckles or zippers, to avoid spending on a new pair at the park. 
  • Outside food is not allowed in the park.
  • Make sure you pick up a show schedule in the park so that you don’t miss the fantastic shows here.
  • The park accepts Visa, Master, JCB, and NCCC cards for transactions anywhere inside the park so you don’t need to carry cash on you.
  • Jinfeng Tower or Fu Ji Kitchen: If you want to get a taste of Taiwan, you can head over to dine on mouthwatering Taiwanese dishes in these restaurants.
  • Oasis Restaurant: This restaurant offers Arabian cuisine and esthetic.
  • Aladdin Restaurant: Dive into the Aladdin-themed restaurant and enjoy the luxurious food and ambience. 
  • Undersea Restaurant: If you are craving some good seafood, this is the place to be.
  • Kenyan Cuisine Restaurant: As the name suggests, this restaurant serves some deletable Kenyan food.
  • Burger House: This is an American style fast food corner with a spread of burgers to choose from
  • Fried Chicken Store: This is another fast food place to get a quick bite in between rides. 
  • Elite Deli: This is a convenient sandwich place where you have a choice between sub-sandwiches and a classic sandwich.

The following are selected accommodation options closest to the theme park:

  • Luxury: Leofoo Resort Gunashi, only a 10 min walk from the park, is a safari-themed hotel with a comfortable setting, free parking, a spa, 2 restaurants, and an animal park. It is certainly the most convenient option in terms of distance.
  • Mid Range:  Aspire Resort, which is 2.5 km from the park, is a luxurious place to retire to without being too heavy on the wallet. It features a fitness centre, indoor pool, and a cycling track. 
  • Budget: Kiwi Share Hotel Zhongli is located around 18 km from the park and offers comfortable rooms with basic amenities, such as Wifi, and free parking. It is a great place to stay if you are on a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions About Leofoo Village Theme Park

What is the Leofoo Village Theme Park?

Leofoo Village Park is a theme park and safari. 

Where is Leofoo Village Theme Park located?

Leofoo Village Theme Park is located in Guanxi Township, Hsinchu Country, in Taiwan. 

What are Leofoo Village Theme Park opening hours?

On weekdays the opening hours are 9:30 AM to 5 PM. On weekends the opening hours are from 9:00 AM to 5 PM. The Lunar new year operating hours are from 9 AM to 6 PM. 

What’s the best time to visit Leofoo Village Theme Park?

The best time to visit the park would be from June to September as the waterpark is also open at that time.

How big is the Leofoo Village Theme Park?

Leofoo Village Theme Park spans an area of around 100 hectares.

How much time do you need at the Leofoo Village Theme Park?

For a comprehensive tour of the theme park, you will need at least 6 hours. 

What is unique about the Leofoo Village Theme Park?

This park is a safari, theme park, and water park all combined in one.

Is Leofoo Village Theme Park an outdoor or indoor park?

Leofoo Village Theme Park is an outdoor experience.

What are the best things to do inside Leofoo Village Theme Park?

You could experience slow or thrilling rides, have an African safari experience, and cool it off in the water park. 

Is Leofoo Village Theme Park suitable for toddlers?

Yes, this theme park is suitable for toddlers.

Is there any dress code inside Leofoo Village Theme Park?

Leofoo Village is a family park so you need to be dressed appropriately. Guests are required to wear swimming suits if accessing the water park. Avoid wearing anything with zips and buckles. 

Is outside food allowed in the Leofoo Village Theme Park? 

Outside food is not allowed inside the park.

What type of restaurants does Leofoo Village Theme Park offer? 

Leofoo Village Theme Park offers all kinds of restaurants including, local Taiwanese, Arabian, and Kenyan. 

Are there any ATMs available at Leofoo Village Theme Park?

Yes, there is one ATM at Leofoo Village Theme Park

Are strollers and wheelchairs available inside Leofoo Village Theme Park?

The park is not wheelchair accessible. You can rent strollers inside the park and return them at the end of the day.

Are lockers available inside Leofoo Village Theme Park?

Yes, there are lockers available inside Leofoo Village Theme Park

Is there a baby room inside Leofoo Village Theme Park?

No, there is no baby room inside the park, however, there is a nursing room and child-friendly washrooms

Is there free parking space inside Leofoo Village Theme Park?

There is a paid parking area for visitors to the park.

Can children enter the Leofoo Village Theme Park alone?

Children need to be accompanied by an adult inside Leofoo Village Theme Park

Can I get First Aid at Leofoo Village Theme Park?

Yes, first aid service is provided inside Leofoo Village Theme Park