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Address: Av. Pere Molas, Km 2, 43840 Tarragona, Spain
Duration: 5-6 hours
Timings: See all hours
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PortAventura World without a doubt is Europe's must-visit family destination. With three parks covering everything from extreme thrills and chills to hosting an array of kid's friendly experiences - there is something for everyone to look forward to in this fantasy-themed park. What's more? You can also make the most of your experience by booking your stay at their 4-and 5-star resorts, giving exclusive benefits to all vacationers.


If you're craving for some action and excitement - PortAventura World is your true calling! Packed with nerve-shredding rides, the fantasy land brings a fine balance between adventure and entertainment at various thrill levels. Head down to experience non-stop fun under the sun at one of the biggest and best parks Spain has witnessed to date!

  • Board the Shambhala ride to experience the longest drop from the tallest rollercoaster ride at PortAventura Park. 
  • Conquer King Khajuna at Caribe Aquatic Park - the tallest water slide experience created for the thrillseekers out there!  
  • Feel the wind rush through your hair at Ferrari Land's Red Force. Travelling from 0 to 180km/h in just 5 seconds at 112 meters high- this ride is for the brave! 
  • Board the Grand Canyon Rapids to feel the waters rock you as you get drenched in rushing waterfalls. Keep an eye out for the riverside gangsters who watch you from their hideouts and wet you with their water guns! 

Explore PortAventura

PortAventura World houses two theme parks and a water park - each of which provides a unique experience at various thrill-levels! Here's a quick summary before visiting the fantasy-themed land.

PortAventura Park 

Instantly transport yourself to visit imperial China, the American Far West, lush Polynesia, Mayan México or a fishing village in the Mediterranean at PortAventura Park. Along with the fantasy-themed rides, you can also spot SésamoAventura - a dedicated area just for kids as well as an array of shows, shops, restaurants and hotels to choose from! 

Caribe Aquatic Park

Get ready to make a splash at PortAventura World's most refreshing park! Glide down the slides at Barracudas, join El Rio Loco for a thrilling aquatic adventure, or relax at the Bahama Beach whilst listening to the gentle lapping of the waves. Do check out the dining options along with shopping outlets to find all pool essentials. 

Ferrari Land

From having high-speed thrill chasing attractions like Red Force to adrenaline-pumping car rides at Maranello Grand Race - the Ferrari Land pays tribute to Italy's luxurious motor racing team! Don't miss out on the delicious Italian cuisines, vibrant shows and shops to get your hand on some authentic merchandise to complete your unique experience at the park! 

Things To Do PortAventura

Whether it be thrilling rides, fun shows, delicious cuisines, unlimited shopping or fine hotels - PortAventura World has it all. Here is everything you need to know before visiting the park. 


Whether you're up to experience high-speed rollercoasters at PortAventura Park, dive into the cool water rides at Caribe Aquatic Park or want to be a part of adrenaline rising rides at Ferrari Land - PortAventura World has got you covered. Get ready to board a stream of fun and entertainment that guarantees to take your adventure spirits to a whole to a new level! 


PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land display an array of interactive shows for all age groups. Be it learning about the Mexcian traditions and dance forms at Rituales Mexicanos, meeting your favourite Sesame Street character at Let's Dance or discovering the true Italian spirit through music and thrilling bike and acrobatic shows - the park guarantees to bring a visual treat for all!


PortAventura World offers a wide variety of dining options and satisfying food experiences across all three parks catering to every age groups! Be it enjoying freshly brewed coffee from Cafe Saula, diving into authentic Mediterranean cuisine at Focacceria or immersing in some cheesy pizza at Pit Lane - PortAventura World has answers to all your cravings to suit every palate! 


Before ending your journey at PortAventura World, don't forget to visit the shopping outlets in the park. Here you'll find an endless assortment of souvenirs to collect making your trip truly unforgettable! Original merchandise from Ferrari Land store, beautiful summer outfits and sandals from Caribe Shop and exotic artefacts from Lotus Palace at PortAventura Park are a few to be named. 


Make the most out of your experience at PortAventura World by spending your holiday at the luxurious 4- and 5-star fantasy-themed hotels to gain exclusive benefits. Experience the gold rush at Hotel Colorado Creek, go back in time to the Victorian age at Hotel Mansion De Lucy or head down to Hotel Portventua to get captivated by the fishing village on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Know Before You Visit

Plan your visit well in advance before visiting PortAventura World. Here is a quick guide to everything you need to know!

PortAventura World is open daily from:

  • 10:30 AM - 12 AM

Best time to visit:

  • If you wish to escape the crowd, avoid visiting PortAventura World during Spanish holidays or other celebratory times of the year like Halloween and New Years. The best time to visit would be during midweek to avoid overcrowding at the park.  

Address: Av. Pere Molas, Km 2, 43840 Tarragona, Spain
Parking: The park offers car parking services within the premise. The rates will vary depending on the vehicle.
Getting There:

  • Train: Take a direct train from Barcelona Sants to PortAventura. The prices start at €8.50 and it will take you 1 hour 15 minutes to reach the location.
  • Bus: Board at Barcelona Nord bus station. After approximately 1 hour 30 minutes change at Tarragona and take a short 10-minute bus journey to PortAventura. It will come up to €9 each way.
  • Taxi: While it might seem more comfortable, the cost of travelling by taxi outside the city can get expensive. You can book a taxi from Barcelona to PortAventura at a fare of €150.
  • PortAventura World offers parking facilities. The rates will vary depending on the vehicle.
  • Enjoy the PortAventura World guided visit, at an additional cost. Discover the history of the park along with other practical information.
  • You can rent strollers at PortAventura for the cost of €10.
  • PortAventura Park offers you locker service for €6. The same facility is available at Caribe Aquatic Park.
  • You can collect souvenir of your trip as photos or videos for your favourite participated ride.
  • You have the option to leave your pets at the day-care centre for animals at a price of €6/day.
  • Wheelchairs are available for rent at €10 for manual wheelchair and €26 for motorized wheelchair service.
  • Limited reserved parking areas are provided for guests with reduced mobility.
  • Access without architectural barriers and designated seating areas for shows are allocated.
  • Bookings in table service restaurants in locations free from architectural barriers.
  • Children below the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
  • Guests are not allowed to carry personal belongings when boarding a ride.
  • Food or beverage should not be consumed on attractions or in water activity areas.
  • It is prohibited to smoke within the park other than designated smoking areas.

Here are some useful tips & tricks you need to know before visiting PortAventura World:

  • Book entry-tickets for all 3 parks online as they are cheaper than buying them at the gate.
  • School holidays and weekends can invite maximum crowds, so time your visits for shoulder season and midweek.
  • Always start from the most popular ride and work from there against the flow of crowds.
  • Sunscreen, hats and shades are an absolute must if you don't want to turn salmon-pink by the end of the day.
  • Comfy footwear will keep you in good spirits as you'll have to walk several kilometres some of it uphill too.
  • Head to Raco De Mar to experience a relaxing atmosphere while indulging in the best flavours of the Mediterranean. 
  • Step out of your comfort zone to taste exotic dishes from the international kitchen with a tropical twist at Bora Bora. 
  • Craving for Chinese cuisine? Head down to Sichuan to immerse in some delicious umami flavours!
  • Dine at Focacceria to enjoy the open-air setting surrounded by palm trees and exotic plants whilst enjoy healthy Mediterranean cuisine.
  • From soft drinks and sandwiches to gorging on delicious ice creams, LA Cabana offers a wide range of options for visitors to indulge in. 
  • Take a break from the high-speed rides by heading down to Finish Lane to immerse in a wide variety of sandwiches, ice creams, waffles and coffees! 
  • Head down to Pit Land to enjoy delicious fast-fast inspired by the legendary Ferrari drivers. It covers a full range of salads, cannelloni and pizzas!
  • Spend your vacation in a Victorian-themed hotel at PortAventura Lucy's Mansion. The luxury hotel also provides access to your own exclusive swimming pool along with gaining unlimited access to PortAventura Park and a 1 day of access to Ferrari Land as well. 
  • If you want to get a feel of the American wilderness, PortAventura Colorado Creek Hotel is the place to be. The lodge-like, ranch-style resort is an eco-friendly destination and remains a favourite among tourists!
  • PortAventura Hotel Gold River is themed around the American Gold Rush, for an ultimate Wild West experience. Whether you're looking for a wellness spa experience or a gym and indoor pool fun - the hotel offers something for everyone. 
  • PortAventura Hotel Caribee houses Europe's largest white sand swimming pool. The tropical gardens along with their tall palm trees will instantly transport you to the Caribbean land. 

Explore the places you can shop from when visiting PortAventura World:

  • Discover exotic artefacts and products brought in straight from China at Lotus Palace. 
  • Enter Kambuha to witness a new Cambodian world and the exotic jungles of Asia. Collect a souvenir of your choice ranging from handicraft products to the souvenir of rides as well. 
  • Enter the land of Mexico by visiting Tianguis. Pick your favourite from the most authentic Mexican craftsmanship without having to leave the park. 
  • From having soft toys to a wide selection of Sesame Street-themed products, visitors can find a wide variety of souvenirs at the General Store. 
  • Step into Chikitienda to collect your favourite gift, souvenir, sweets and many more that feature the quirky Sesame Street characters. 
  • At Ferrari Land store, guests can get their hands on authentic Ferrari branded products. Be it outfits, accessories or miniature race car models - there are lots to explore.

Frequently Asked Questions About PortAventura

What is PortAventura World? 

PortAventura World is Spain's leading theme park and water park destination that brings a wide variety of adrenaline-pumping rides at various thrill levels. From hair-raising rollercoasters and slippery water slides to racing high-speed cars at Ferrari land - there are lots to explore at PortAventura World.  

Q.What are the opening hours for PortAventura World?

A.PortAventura World is open daily from: 10:30 AM - 12 AM

Q.What is the best time to go to PortAventura World?

A.Considering that PortAventura World falls among one of the top destinations in the city, it is highly recommended to visit earlier during the day to utilize your time in the best way possible.

Q.How long should I spend at PortAventura World?

A.It is advised to spend at least 5 hours to make the most out of your experience at PortAventura World.

Q.Are children allowed to visit PortAventura World alone?

A.Children below the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.