Siam Park

Address: Av. Siam, s/n, 38660 Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Timings: See all hours
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The Siam Park is a Siamese themed 5-star water park located in Costa Adeje, Canary Islands. Voted the #1 water park globally for seven consecutive years now, the Siam Park claims to be one of the most breathtaking amusement parks in Europe. It is built on a hilltop, and all the water rides are mapped on the natural terrains of the hill. It was designed by Christoph Kiessling and inaugurated by the princess of Thailand, Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. 


The Siam Park attracts nearly 1.2 million visitors each year, thanks to its phenomenal collection of adventurous rides and Siamese-based water park theme. The 20 rides housed in the park promise to give you an adrenaline rush, while the beaches and the floating market give you a break from your otherwise fast-paced life. You can also buy some time to spend with your family at Siam Park’s family-friendly attractions.

  • Whether you are visiting Siam Park alone, with your spouse or family, the  attractions and rides here will keep you at the edge of your seat. 
  • Adrenaline junkies head towards the Tower of Power and take a plunge down the water slide.
  • Make your way through the other rides in the park such as the Patong Rapids and Singha.
  • Spend a couple of hours at the Lost City. While kids enjoy the water slides, parents can sip cocktails at the Thai Bar.
  • Grab a bottle of champagne at the Champagne club and enjoy spectacular views of the park while you lounge on Balinese beds.
  • Climb through the towers and obstacles at Bodhi Trail
  • Unwind by shopping at the Floating Market and sunbathing by the beach. 

Explore Siam Park

Spread across 46 acres, the Siam Park is broadly divided into three zones to accommodate people from various backgrounds and age groups.

The Relax Zone

Siam Park is not just for adrenaline junkies. If you are hoping to simply stretch your legs, enjoy the sun and the view of the park, then the relax zone is for you. Float along the Mai Thai River, lounge at Siam Beach, or relax at a cabana. Relax on a Balinese bed while sipping champagne at the Champagne Club, shop at the Floating Market watch sea lions playing at the Sea Lion Island.

The Family Zone

For families with younger children, Siam Park has a range of rides and attractions that you can enjoy together. Race down the Naga Racer slide, and glide through the depths of the jungle with Jungle Snake. Go on an adventure through the Bodhi Trail; make your way through the funnel-style ride, The Giant; or head to The Lost City, where children will be spoilt for choice. Parents can lounge at Coco Beach while kids dip their feet into the mini-wave pool.

Adrenaline Zone

Designed to give you a thrilling and nail-biting experience, this zone will help you unleash the brave beast in you. Plunge through the Kinnaree, a funnel-style water ride with a vertical drop and tornado wave, descend through water slides at Mekong Rapids,** **and experience zero gravity The Dragon. Ride through a water slide of a height of 28 m at The Tower of Power, enjoy a dark water slide at the Vulcano and enjoy unique views of the Park while on the Patong Rapids.

Things To Do Siam Park

Here are some of the things to keep an eye out for to ensure that you get the most out of your time at Siam Park

Rides & Attractions

Siam Park is truly a place for all ages, with rides. Whether you wish to challenge yourself or simply spend a day with your family, Siam Park is the place to be. Divided into 3 parts, Siam Park has a wide range of water rides, that caters to different age groups, including a 28-meter high water slide, beaches, floating market, miniature rides for children and even pool for babies.


You will find everything you need, be it, snacks, sunscreen to souvenirs at the Floating Market.


There are five eateries located within the Siam Park. Whatever you are in the mood for, be it a hot beverage and crepes, or cocktails, you will find it in one of the restaurants here.

Know Before You Visit

The Siam Park accommodates a huge crowd nearly every day and round-the-clock. This section provides you with all the necessary information, from timings to information on getting there, you should have handy before planning your visit to Siam Park.

Siam Park opening hours are as follows:

  • Mon to Sun: 10 AM to 6 PM

Best time to visit Siam Park:

The best time to visit Siam Park would be around the winters. Siam Park is the least busy during December.
While you might want to hit the park during the summers, it tends to stay packed throughout the week. If a summer trip is a must, plan a visit to Siam Park on a Monday or Wednesday.

Address: Av. Siam, s/n, 38660 Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Getting There:
Located in Costa Adeje, the Siam Park is accessible relatively quickly from all around Tenerife.
By Bus 
The Siam Park operates free double-decker buses that offer pick up and drop at the following locations: Las Americas, Los Cristianos, Costa Adeje. 
Buses 111, 467 and 471 will also take you to Siam Park. 
By Shuttle
Siam Park offers shuttle services from several locations to make commuting easier. Reservations for these shuttle services must be made at least 48 hours prior by calling +34 922 373 841 ext. 512, 356, 357.
By Car
You can conveniently drive or hire a taxi to Siam Park. When coming from Santa Cruz on the south highway TF-1, take exit 73 or 74. If you are coming from Adeje on the south highway TF-1, take exit 73. Parking facilities are in place at Siam Park but are subject to availability. Ticket prices start at € 4.

  • Sun loungers, life jackets, tubes, and umbrellas is included in the entrance tickets.
  • Siam Park is equipped with a high-speed internet connection that is accessible to all.
  • Showers and dressing rooms are free and accessible to all. 
  • Towels and lockers can be availed at rent based on their availability.
  • Shops located within the floating market have sweets, snacks, and souvenirs up for sale.

Siam Park is committed to serving people coming from various backgrounds. People with disabilities are as welcome as others. Here are the facilities for easy access:

  • The park has ramps and sufficient spaces to accommodate people of determination. 
  • Wheelchair assistance is available throughout the park. 
  • Additional assistance is available for anyone seeking them. 
  • The information center within the park helps in mapping out a path for the differently-abled. 
  • Some regions in the park are steep, making navigation difficult. However, adjacent ramps are designed to make it safe.

When visiting Siam Park, there are some essentials you must take note of to ensure that you have the best experience.

  • Carry sunscreen because the park can be hot and humid.
  • If you have kids accompanying you, make sure you check the height table as children not meeting the minimum height requirements will not be allowed into the ride. 
  • Wear some comfortable shoes and get ready for some rigorous walking. The Siam Park is pretty huge, and the distance between the two attractions can be quite a lot!
  • Carry a map with you so you don't get lost inside.
  • You can happily picnic within the park. The locker units will charge three euros to store outside food and drink. You can claim your food and drink when you wish to picnic.
  • Booking your tickets in advance ensures no last-minute hassles. 
  • Leave prams and buggies at the hotel. The lockers available would not have room to fit them.

Siam Park does not allow outside food. Well, that is reasonable, considering it has many restaurants and cafes to serve delicious and lip-smacking assortments. 

  • The Tea House is the beverage house of Siam Park. It offers varieties of teas, crepes, and coffees to help you kick amnesia blues. 
  • Sweet Siam offers a variety of ice creams and a wide range of cakes to choose from. If you have a sweet tooth, you will love Sweet Siam. 
  • The Thai Bar accommodates visitors with its comfortable couches and pleasant yet unique ambiance. Sip in on a cocktail while star-gazing or enjoying the scenic Mai Thai River.
  • The Beach Club serves some delicious hamburger, chicken, and french fries that you can relish while admiring the Thai architecture.
  • The Beach Bar offers barbecues and cocktails with summer feels.

The Floating Market, designed to look like a typical Thai village, has shops for all your needs.

  • Foto Shop: Unless you have a GoPro you won't be able to take photos of your adventure. However, you can take photos of your adventures in the park here.
  • Parrot Park: Visit the parrots, and buy a few animal-themed souvenirs.
  • Siam Souvenirs: Those looking for gifts to take back to their friends and family, look no further.
  • Siam Shop:  It is only natural to want Siam-themed items after spending a day at a Siamese-themed park.
  • Mini Market: Forgot to pack your sunscreen? Head on to the mini-market for all the basic essentials you would need during your visit.
  • Billabong Siam Surf Shop: Headed to the Wave Palace? Don't worry if you aren't prepped. You can find all the gear you need here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Siam Park

What is Siam Park?

The Siam Park is a Siamese-themed water park located in Spain’s Canary Islands. 

Where is Siam Park located?

Siam Park is Europe's one-of-a-kind water park located in Costa Adeje, Canary Islands.

What are Siam Park's opening hours?

Siam Park is open from 10 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Sunday.

What's the best time to visit Siam Park?

The best time to visit Siam Park is during the winter. It allows you to avoid crowds and enjoy each ride and attraction in peace. 

How much time do you need at Siam Park?

If planned well, you can utilize one full day to visit the most sought-after attractions of Siam Park. 

What is unique about Siam Park?

The Siam Park is built on a hilltop. Hence, the park's terrain is quite steep and slithery in some regions, only adding to the thrill and excitement. 

Is Siam Park an outdoor or indoor park?

Siam Park is an outdoor park. 

How much do Siam Park tickets cost?

The Siam Park tickets start at € 34.

Where can I purchase Siam Park tickets?

You can purchase Siam Park tickets online. 

What are the best things to do inside Siam Park?

Siam Park has something to offer to everyone. Depending on your interests, you can navigate to one of the three zones: Adrenalin, Family, or Relax. 

How many rides are there inside Siam Park?

The Siam Park houses nearly 20 rides. 

Is Siam Park suitable for toddlers?

Yes, the Siam Park is safe and suitable for toddlers. It has the only pool designed for babies in Tenerife.

Is there any dress code inside Siam Park?

There is no dress code inside Siam Park. However, it would be wise to wear comfortable clothes if you plan to hop onto rides or enjoy the beaches. 

Is outside food allowed in Siam Park? 

Yes, outside food is allowed inside the Siam Park at nominal charges.

What type of restaurants does Siam Park offer? 

Siam Park offers cafes, bars, and family-friendly restaurants. 

Are there any ATMs available at Siam Park?

Yes, ATMs are present within the park.

Are strollers and wheelchairs available inside Siam Park?

Yes, wheelchairs and strollers are available inside Siam Park.

Are lockers available inside Siam Park?

Yes, locker facilities are available inside Siam Park.

Is there a free parking space inside Siam Park?

Yes, you can avail parking spaces at nominal costs.