Themeparks in Singapore
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Adventure HQ
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Roller Coaster
4D Adventureland Sentosa
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Roller Coaster
4D Adventureland Sentosa
Adventure Cove Waterpark

Singapore stands out for its ancient temples, beautiful gems and delicious hawker centres. Not to forget its picturesque islands and bustling nightlife, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. It is also home to amazing attractions and adventure parks, perfect for families and kids. From witnessing exotic plants at Gardens by the Bay to going on a Night Safari or visiting the famous ArtScience museum, there are lots to explore.
What's more? Singapore has some of the most thrilling theme parks in the world. Be it, Universal Studios Singapore or Adventure Cove Waterpark, the city is known for its popular rides that cater to all age groups!

Know Before You Visit Singapore Themeparks

Here is a short breakdown of the best time to visit Singapore based on your interest.

  • Best Time for Staying Outdoors in Singapore: November, December, January, February, March, April
  • Best Time for Beach Goers: November, December, January, February, March
  • Best Time for Honeymooners: February, March, April
  • Best Time for Budget Travelers: July, August, October, 
  • Best Time for Shopaholics: June, July, August

Here is some essential information that will help you plan your trip to Singapore.

  • Time Zone: SST – Singapore Standard Time. Current Offset: UTC/GMT+8
  • Currency: Singapore Dollar - SGD
  • Socket Type: Type G
  • Visa: Citizens from countries that are not listed in Assessment Level I or Assessment Level II can stay in Singapore for 30 days without a visa. There is no facility for Visa on Arrival for Singapore so, all nationalities need to apply for a visa in advance.
  • Country Code: Landline and Mobile - +65
  • Emergency Numbers: Dial 999 for Police, 995 for Ambulance and Fire Department

Make sure that you visit the top attractions in Singapore for a memorable vacation. Here are a few best things to do in Singapore:

  • Gardens by the Bay – Explore the waterfront gardens, architectural marvels, and greenhouses.
  • Sentosa – Visit Sentosa Island for exploring sandy beaches, lush rainforests, theme attractions, and a lot more.
  • Universal Studios Singapore – Experience more than 24 thrilling rides and attractions at Universal Studios Singapore.
  • Singapore Flyer – Get stunning panoramic views of Singapore’s skyline from this 165m high flyer.
  • Night Safari – Enter the world of wild animals at this world’s first nocturnal zoo.
  • Adventure Cove Waterpark – Snorkel with 20,000 marine fishes, rays, and sharks or enjoy the 14 rides and attractions at Adventure Cove Waterpark.

Singapore City is filled with delightful attractions for the little ones. Here are a few top kids’ activities that you must visit in Singapore.

  • S.E.A Aquarium - Observe 100,000 marina animals at S.E.A Aquarium in the underwater experience.
  • Universal Studios Singapore - Enjoy a day full of laughter and screams with numerous rides and attractions at Universal Studios Singapore.
  • Snow City - Take a break from the heat by spending time in faux snow at the Snow City.
  • Sentosa - Spend a day in Sentosa enjoying the various attractions here such as Madame Tussauds Singapore, iFly Singapore, Singapore Cable Car, and so on.
  • Wild Wild Wet - Wild Wild Wet is one of Singapore’s largest water parks that promises a day of thrills and spills for the whole family.

Find out some handy tips and guidelines before visiting Singapore for a hassle-free experience.

  • Advance Booking – Purchase the tickets for Singapore attractions in advance for a confirmed booking.
  • Dress Comfortably – Make sure you wear comfortable shoes when exploring Singapore as you might have to walk a lot here.
  • Holidays – Take note of the public holidays and weekends in Singapore as the ticket prices for Singapore attractions tend to be higher on these days. 
  • Singapore Tourist Pass – Singapore’s Mass Rapid Travel is efficient and cheap so, you can purchase Singapore Tourist Pass for unlimited travelling.
  • Tap Water – Tap water is safe for drinking in Singapore so refill your bottle and save money and plastic.
  • Tipping Culture – Tipping is not expected in Singapore culture so, you are not obligated to tip the staff unless you actually want to.
  • Hawker Centers – Enjoy authentic Singaporean cuisine at the local hawker centre and save some extra bucks in Singapore.
  • What to Wear – Singapore is a tropical country so, make sure you dress according to the weather. Wear loose and comfortable clothing, you can roam around in shorts, dresses, etc. with no worries.
  • Shopping Tips – If shopping is your main goal in Singapore, then plan a visit between June and August to take advantage of The Great Singapore Sale to get huge discounts and deals on everything.

Tips For Visiting Theme Parks In Singapore

  • Best Time to Visit Singapore – Singapore is a year-round destination so, you can visit the theme parks anytime during the year. However, to enjoy the outdoor theme parks and water parks in Singapore, it is advised to plan a trip between February and April as the dry and sunny climate makes it fun to splash around in the water pool.
  • Best Theme Parks for Kids - Universal Studios Singapore, Wild Wild Wet @ Downtown East, Adventure Cove Waterpark, Haw Par Villa, River Safari, and Pororo Park Singapore are a few of the best Singapore amusement parks for kids under 10 years of age. 
  • Singapore Theme Park Restrictions – Visitors are advised to check the age and height restrictions for the theme parks and water parks before booking their tickets.
  • What to Wear – Wear loose, comfortable clothes with shoes for Singapore amusement parks and theme parks.  All visitors must carry their own swimsuits when going to water theme parks. If not, you may be denied access or asked to purchase a suite at the venue.
  • What to Carry – Carry a hat, sunscreen, and a pair of sunglasses when you are visiting an outdoor Singapore amusement park. If you are going to a water park, then carry a swimsuit as well.
  • How to Book – Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is recommended to buy Singapore amusement park tickets online. This will allow the customers to select their desired date and time for the ticket and get the best discounts that are available on these online platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Theme Parks in Singapore

Are Singapore theme parks open post-COVID-19?

Yes, most of the Singapore theme parks are open to visitors with several safety measures being followed.

Is it safe to visit Singapore theme parks post-COVID-19? 

Yes, all the Singapore theme parks and water parks have taken strict safety measures to ensure the safety of the visitors at all times. There are mandatory temperature checks, regular cleaning and disinfection process, and strict enforcement of wearing masks and social distancing at these attractions.

How many theme parks are there in Singapore?

There are over 20 water parks and amusement parks in Singapore for visitors to check out.

What are the best theme parks in Singapore?

There are many theme parks in Singapore but here are a few best ones to visit:

What are the best theme parks in Singapore for kids and families? 

These are the top theme parks in Singapore that you can enjoy with your little ones and families:

What are the best theme parks in Singapore for thrill-seekers? 

These are the best theme parks in Singapore for all the thrill-seekers out there:

Which theme park has the most exciting rides?

Universal Studios Singapore is the best theme park in Singapore with over 24 rides that range from scary to amazing. Adventure Cove Waterpark is the best water park with exciting roller coaster rides and water slides to enjoy.

Which theme parks in Singapore are ideal for groups?

Check out these theme parks in Singapore if you are travelling with a medium or a large group:

Which are the largest theme parks in Singapore? 

Universal Studios Singapore is the biggest theme park in Singapore while Adventure Cove Waterpark is the biggest water park in Singapore. 

Can I purchase Singapore theme parks tickets online? 

Yes, visitors can buy Singapore theme parks tickets online to plan their trip in advance.

Which Theme Parks in Singapore have discounted tickets?

Most of the theme parks in Singapore offer discounted tickets as long as you book online. This way, you can save time and get good deals on your tickets.

How much is the starting price for theme parks in Singapore?

Although the ticket prices of the theme parks can vary in Singapore depending on the theme park you select, the average starting price for Singapore Theme Parks is between SGD 20 to SGD 40.

What are the cheapest theme parks in Singapore? 

These are the cheapest theme parks in Singapore that offer affordable tickets to visitors:

What are the most expensive theme parks in Singapore?

Universal Studios Singapore and Sky Park by AJ Hackett Sentosa are the most expensive theme parks in Singapore.

Can I cancel my Singapore theme park tickets?

Most Singapore theme park tickets come with a flexible cancellation option but this mainly depends on the experience that you chose.

What is the best time to visit Singapore theme parks?

You can visit the Singapore theme parks throughout the year. However, the ideal time to visit the theme parks and water parks in Singapore would be from December to April as the country experiences dry and pleasantly cool weather with lots of sunshine.

Which theme park in Singapore is the most crowded?

Universal Studios Singapore, Adventure Cove Waterpark, and Wild Wild Wet receive the highest number of visitors overall.

Which theme park in Singapore is the easiest to get to?

Universal Studios Singapore, Adventure Cove Waterpark, Sentosa Skyline Luge, and Sentosa 4D Adventure Island are all located in Sentosa. As a result, it is easier to reach these theme parks by using MRT System and Monorail from Singapore city.

What should I wear when visiting Singapore theme parks?

Visitors are recommended to wear loose and comfortable clothes along with running shoes/sneakers for thrilling rides. For water parks, make sure that you carry your own swimsuit as you won’t be allowed to enter the water rides without it. 

What theme parks in Singapore offer animal encounter experiences?

These theme parks in Singapore offer animal encounter experience to the visitors:

Can I bring outside food and beverages to theme parks in Singapore?

Most Singapore theme parks don’t allow the visitors to bring outside food or beverages but the restrictions can vary from theme park to theme park. There are many restaurants and kiosks located inside the theme parks from where the visitors can buy drinks and snacks.