Thorpe Park

Roller Coaster
Address: Staines Rd, Chertsey KT16 8PN, United Kingdom
Duration: 7-8 hours
Timings: See all hours

Tucked between Chertsey and Staines-upon-Thames in Surrey county is Thorpe Park, one of Europe’s top amusement parks. Owned and operated by Merlin Entertainments, this park has a total area of 2 square kilometres, which is larger than the country of Monaco. It is home to numerous exhilarating rides and attractions including, the UK's fastest roller coaster and is now open to the public with several safety measures.


Thorpe Park is known for its variegated offerings to visitors. It is not like any other amusement park. Apart from having rides and attractions for people of all ages, Thorpe Park also hosts events, has dining options, and shopping outlets.

  • Experience over 30 thrill rides, family attractions and unique events at Thorpe Park.
  • Don't miss out on the Tidal Wave - The only water ride on the list and one of the wettest in the world that showers riders with 2.7 bathtubs of water
  • Get your adrenaline pumping at the Vortex. Experience intense spin and pendulum motion adventure for a one-of-a-kind experience.  
  • Get ready to scream your lungs out at Walking Dead Ride. With extreme speed and thrills, this high-octane attraction gives you the chance to live the TV show.
  • Experience a rip-roaring rollercoaster adventure as you board the ultimate Stealth - the UK’s fastest rollercoaster attraction. 

Explore Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park is unique in the distribution of its rides and attractions. Once you enter the park through Part and Basecamp, you will find the park divided into six distinct zones.

Thorpe Park London Amity


This is one of the popular areas of the park and certainly the most adult-oriented. The setting is themed around a 1950s American fishing village with most of the rides being water-based. The zone was opened first in 2000 and has since been expanded to include rides like Stealth, Tidal Wave, and Storm Surge.

Thorpe Park London Swarm Island

Swarm Island 

The Swarm, Bolliger & Mabillard wing-rider roller coasters that opened in 2012, have their plaza on Swarm Island. The area was created by reclaiming land from the nearby lakes. With a crashed aircraft, numerous disabled emergency vehicles such as a helicopter and fire truck, a collapsed church, and other destroyed buildings, the zone lives up to its theme as the scene of an apocalyptic disaster/alien invasion.

Thorpe Park London Lost City

Lost City

The Lost City is themed around the ruins of an Atlantean civilization that was recently discovered, with the Colossus roller coaster as the main attraction. The Vortex and Zodiac rides were the only attractions when the area first opened in 2001. Quantum, a magical carpet coaster, debuted in 2003. Since then, more rides have been added to the lineup.

Thorpe Park London The Dock Yard

The Dock Yard

This area serves as the plaza for the indoor dark ride, Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon, as well as The Walking Dead: The Ride, an indoor rollercoaster. The area consists of other marine-themed buildings and scenery from a closed children's park.

Thorpe Park London Old Town

Old Town

Saw - The Ride, a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter with a 100-foot, 100-degree above the vertical drop, is the main attraction in this area. The Black Mirror Labyrinth, a brand new experience, is also located in this zone. A Burger King and a food outlet, as well as a small indoor venue, are located in Old Town, making it one of the favourite zones of Thorpe Park.

Thorpe Park London The Jungle

The Jungle

Nemesis Inferno, an inverted coaster set in a volcano, and Rumba Rapids, a river rapids ride, are the area's main attractions of The Jungle zone. The area now includes a portion of the former 'Ranger County' family area, which has a Mr Monkey's Banana Ride, a small swinging ship ride, as well as shopfronts and restaurants from the former 'European Park' area.

Things To Do Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park has a land area of over 490 acres. The area includes several themed rides and attractions meant for visitors of varied ages. For the ones who want more out of an amusement park than just rides, there are eateries and shopping zones.

Thorpe Park London Rides and Attractions

Rides and Attractions

Just like in most amusement parks, the rides and attractions at Thorpe Park are at the centre of the visitors’ attention. The rides at Thorpe Park are evenly distributed to suit the needs of kids like Rocky Express as well as advanced thrill-seekers such as Detonator: Bombs Away.

Thorpe Park London Events


Thorpe Park hosts various events from time to time for its visitors. After reopening, the guests will be able to participate in two new events. The Oktoberfest event lets the visitors take part in the German tradition. Another event is Fright Nights where the visitors can indulge in scary experiences.


Thorpe Park London Dining


What flies under the radar at Thorpe Park is the diverse dining options present within the premises. Thorpe Park has outlets from global chain restaurants KFC and Burger King. You will also find amazing themed eateries like Inferno’s Pizza & Pasta Restaurant, Wilderness Bar & Kitchen, and Sombrero’s Street Food.

Thorpe Park London Thorpe Park Hotel

Thorpe Park Hotel

Thorpe Park premises have a hotel for the visitors who want to experience the famous Thorpe Park hospitality. Thorpe Shark Cabins welcomes you with open shark jaws and delights you at every subsequent step. A stay at Thorpe Shark Cabins comes with free parking, free WiFi, and complimentary breakfast.

Know Before You Visit

This section provides you with all the necessary information you should have handy before planning your visit to Thorpe Park.

Thorpe Park London Opening Hours

Thorpe Park opening hours are as follows:

  • Mon to Fri: 10 AM - 5 PM
  • Sat & Sun: 10 AM - 6 PM

Best Time to Visit:

  • The best time to visit Thorpe park in terms of weather is the Spring, between March and May. However, the crowd at those times is also likely to be on the higher side.
  • If you want to avoid the crowd, November, and February are the best months. As for the time, the earlier in the day you visit, the better.

Address: Staines Rd, Chertsey KT16 8PN, United Kingdom
Parking: Parking is free for Premium Merlin Annual Passholders and Thorpe Park Premium Season Passholders. Paid parking is available for all other visitors.
Getting There

  • Car: The Thorpe Park Resort is conveniently located about 20 miles from London. Take junctions 11 or 13 off the M25 and follow the A320 to Thorpe Park.
  • Bus: When the park is open, the 950 bus service offers a regular, fast shuttle service between Staines rail and bus stations and Thorpe Park Resort. The 950 bus stops at Stop 4 at Staines Bus Station and Stop S outside the rail station's ticket office.
  • Train: South-Western Trains run regularly from Waterloo to Staines, which is the recommended railway station for visiting Thorpe Park Resort. There are approximately 5 trains every hour running to and from London Waterloo, with a travel time of 30 to 50 minutes.
Dreamworld Gold Coast Facilites
  • Paid parking is available at Thorpe Park Resort for all ticket holders. 
  • Assistance dogs are allowed at Thorpe Park.
  • Buggies are available for rent on a first come first served basis from The Island Shop.
  • School group tours are available with all safety measures at Thorpe Park Resort.
  • VIP Experience tickets allow unlimited skip-the-line entries, VIP host for 8 hours, and free parking.
  • Free carer tickets are provided for differently-abled visitors of Thorpe Park.
  • Changing rooms are available at Thorpe Park.
  • First Aid and medicines can be found at the Medical Center of Thorpe Park.
  • Lockers are available at Thorpe Park for storing loose items.
Dreamworld Gold Coast Accessibility
  • For visitors who won’t be able to stand for a long time in ride queues, Thorpe park provides a Ride Access Pass.
  • All restrooms at Thorpe Park are sufficiently fitted to be accessible to differently-abled individuals.
  • Wheelchairs can be hired at Thorpe Park on a first come first served basis for a nominal refundable charge.
  • Changing rooms at Thorpe Park are equipped with height-adjustable sinks, an adult changing bed, and sufficient space to accommodate carers.
  • Multiple rides at Thorpe Park are wheelchair accessible.
Dreamworld Gold Coast Park Rules

  • You need to get a hand stamp if you want to return to your car after entering the park.
  • Guests with casts (for broken bones) are not allowed in rides as it may hamper the safety harnesses.
  • Children under the age of 12 must always be accompanied by an adult.
  • Some rides and attractions may be made unavailable if the weather is not permitting.
  • Pregnant women will not be able to avail rides at Thorpe Park.
  • Ride queues will close before the scheduled closing time of Thorpe Park.
Dreamworld Gold Coast Visitor Tips

The following tips would come in handy if you are planning to visit Thorpe Park Resorts:

  • If you are a differently-abled individual, ask for your free carer ticket.
  • Ensure to carry a ziplock bag to protect all your electronics.
  • Carry a flip flop to wear on the water rides.
  • Pick a meet-up point if different members of your party are going to be on different rides at a time.
  • If you want to avoid the water queue, bring your bottle and water.
  • Plan your rides before arriving at the park.
  • Begin your day at the farthest end of the park to make optimum use of your time.
  • Take a delayed lunch if you want to avoid waiting to get your food.
  • Arrive before Thorpe Park opens to enjoy an hour of crowd-free rides.
  • Snap a wide-angle photo of your parking spot since the parking lot Thorpe Park is huge.
Dreamworld Gold Coast Food & Drinks
  • Infinity Garden Dining: This gastropub eatery is famous for its authentic Mediterranean offerings.
  • The Cantina: The Cantina provides a twist on its street food offering to the visitors of Thorpe Park.
  • The Huntsman's Arms: If you want to grab a pint in between rides, this is the place for you.
  • The Veggie Box: This restaurant is known for its vegan and vegetarian offerings like falafel wraps and salads.
  • Sombrero’s Street Food: If you get an inexplicable craving for Mexican delicacies, Sombrero’s Street Food is where you should be heading to.
  • Amity Kebabs: No food court is complete without kebabs and other the Mediterranean and middle eastern food. Amity Kebabs brings just that to Thorpe Park Resorts.
  • The Grill: The Grill is the best place to go if you are looking to get some authentic German classics bratwurst and currywurst.
Thorpe Park London Accomodation

Thorpe Shark Cabins: After a day of scares and thrills, return to your cabin and crash for the night. Free Wi-Fi, tea and coffee making facilities, interactive TV, funky lighting, and super comfy beds are all included in these bite-sized rooms. The rooms also come with free parking.

Hotels Near Thorpe Park

  • The Olde Swan Hotel: This 3-star budget hotel is located just 5 minutes from Thorpe Park.
  • Oatlands Park Hotel: Oatlands Park Hotel has a golf course and promises to be a classy experience for the patrons.
  • Great Fosters - part of the Alexander Hotels Collection: If you are looking for luxury hotels near Thorpe Park, this is the option for you.
Dreamworld Gold Coast Shopping

Everyone wants to keep a souvenir from their trips. Thorpe Park Resorts has arranged for multiple shopping outlets within its premises.

  • The Island Shop: This is one of the most versatile retail outlets at Thorpe Park. From eatables to memorabilia, you can find it all here.
  • Colossus Shop: If it wasn’t enough for you to experience the world’s first 10-looping roller coaster, head to Colossus shop to grab a themed souvenir to remember the experience.
  • Inferno Shop: After enjoying your time on the Nemesis Inferno, this is where you should be headed to collect memorabilia.
  • Ghost Train Shop: This store specializes in a range of Derren Brown souvenirs and collectables.
  • Saw Store: If you want to commemorate your feat of braving this scary ride at Thorpe Park, Saw Store has all the right stuff for you to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About Thorpe Park

What is Thorpe Park?

Thorpe Park is one of the largest amusement parks in the UK with many thrilling rides and attractions.

Where is Thorpe Park located?

Thorpe Park is located just an hour away from London, in a  village called Thorpe.

What are Thorpe Park opening hours?

Thorpe Park is open from:

What’s the best time to visit Thorpe Park?

The best time to visit Thorpe Park is in the months of November and February. The earlier in the day you visit, the better your experience will be.

How big is Thorpe Park?

Thorpe Park has a land area of 2 square kilometres.

How much time do you need at Thorpe Park?

You may need up to 6 hours to explore the entire Thorpe Park.

What is unique about Thorpe Park?

Among other things, Thorpe park is home to the UK's fastest roller coaster, Stealth.

Is Thorpe Park an outdoor or indoor park?

Thorpe Park is an outdoor park with some indoor activities, restaurants, and retail outlets.

What are the best things to do inside Thorpe Park?

The rides and attractions are the overwhelming crowd favourites. You can also attend special events and dine at themed restaurants at Thorpe Park.

Is Thorpe Park suitable for toddlers?

Toddlers can enjoy activities and attractions like Amity Beach.

Is there any dress code inside Thorpe Park?

There are no dress codes at Thorpe Park, but you should wear clothes that do not restrict the safety buckles of the rides.

Is outside food allowed in Thorpe Park? 

No, you cannot bring food and beverages to Thorpe Park.

What type of restaurants does Thorpe Park offer? 

Thorpe Park has several restaurants offering desserts, steaks, snacks, beverages, and many other food items.

Are there any ATMs available at Thorpe Park?

No, Thorpe Park does not have an ATM.

Are strollers and wheelchairs available inside Thorpe Park?

Yes, strollers and wheelchairs are available for hire at Thorpe park.

Are lockers available inside Thorpe Park?

Yes, lockers are available at Thorpe Park.

Is there a baby room inside Thorpe Park?

Yes, a baby room is available inside Thorpe Park.

Is there a free parking space inside Thorpe Park?

No, parking is paid for at Thorpe Park.

Can children enter Thorpe Park alone?

Children need to be accompanied by adults at Thorpe Park.

Can I get First Aid at Thorpe Park?

Yes, First Aid is available at Thorpe Park.