Address: Legoland Dubai, Sheik Zayed Rd, Dubai
Duration: 4-5 hours
Timings: See all hours

Situated in Dubai Parks and Resorts is LEGOLAND Dubai that's spread over 14 hectares featuring lots of unique rides and events. Treat your little explorers to an array of fun, action and adventure where they get the unique opportunity to not only build a Lego paradise but also learn new life skills. Find everything you need to know about the LEGOLAND Dubai highlights, timings, rules, visiting tips and lots more before visiting the fantasy theme park. 


With more than 40 rides and attractions, LEGOLAND Dubai brings a grand visual treat to all little explorers. Give your kids a one-of-a-kind experience to build, climb, fly, drive with an assortment of exciting activities all centred around a world of Legos!

  • Witness the iconic MINILAND that has used 20 million Lego bricks to create 15,000 miniature landmarks including Lego Burj Khalifa, Dubai Airport, Taj Mahal and others. 
  • Travel through indoors and outdoors of the King's palace at a speed of 60km/h by hopping on the thrilling Dragon rollercoaster ride. 
  • Get behind the wheels of a fire truck and race to save a 'burning building' at Rescue Academy.
  • Catch the latest LEGO movie at LEGOLAND Studios 4D. You can also watch thrilling 3D films with special effects for a one-of-a-kind experience. 
  • Learn all about the history of lego bricks and how it all began at the LEGOLAND Factory Tour. Cherish your memories at the park by collecting your very own lego brick as a souvenir. 


LEGOLAND Dubai houses six themed lands - LEGO City, Kingdoms, Imagination, Adventure, MINILAND, and Factory, each representing distinctive and entertaining features for the junior audience to explore.  

Legoland Dubai LEGO City


Your visit to LEGOLAND Dubai is not complete without visiting the LEGO City. It brings you the perfect blend of fun and learning where kids strive to become true HEROS! Be it earning their very own LEGOLAND Driving License, flying a plane, steering a boat or even saving a 'burning building' - the LEGO city has got it all. 

Legoland Dubai Kingdoms


Step into the medieval-themed Kingdoms to enjoy a magical experience at LEGOLAND Dubai. Discover the castle and defeat The Dragon before exploring the King's Market. Don't miss out on Dragon's Apprentice - a thrilling rollercoaster experience loved by all little explorers. 

Legoland Dubai Imagination


From building and racing LEGO cars, discovering LEGO Mindstorms robotics to experiencing the latest 4D movie and even letting yourself loose on the LEGO Technic Twister - Imagination at LEGOLAND Dubai has no limits! Little ones can head to LEGO Friends Clubhouse or DUPLO Valley if you wish to explore creativity in a shaded environment. 

Legoland Dubai Adventure


For all budding thrill-seekers out there, Adventure land is the destination to visit! Catapult nearly 15 feet into the air at Bettle Bounce, battle against mummies and skeletons at Lost Kingdom Adventure or ride the waves at Wave Racers. Kids can also visit the Discovery Centre Aquarium and Adventure Base Camp before enjoying delightful treats at Caesar's Pizza & Pasta Buffet. 

Legoland Dubai Miniland


Get a glimpse of over 20 million LEGO bricks that have been build to create Dubai's iconic skyline along with some of the famous landmarks from around the Middle East. These include Burj Khalifa, Egyptian Pyramids, Dubai Airport and lots more! Guests also get a chance to create their own skyline at Build A City.

Legoland Dubai Factory


Take a Factory tour with your family to discover the making of LEGO brick. Don't forget to collect your very own LEGO block made fresh as a free souvenir of your visit to LEGOLAND Dubai. Pose with the LEGO characters and head down to The Big Shop - the largest LEGO store in the Middle East to buy your favourite toy to play with!


Make your way inside LEGOLAND Dubai to explore everything from themed rides and events to dining and shopping outlets! The world of legos will grant you access to each of these experiences with your ticket. 

Legoland Dubai Lands


Build your way through non-stop fun at LEGOLAND Dubai! With over 40 rides and attractions falling under six themed lands, the world of Lego promises to bring an array of exciting activities suitable for children aged 2-12 years. Be it saving a burning building, boarding the LEGO Tehnic Twister, witnessing Dubai LEGO skyline, or joining the Dragon's Apprentice - there is something for everyone!

Legoland Dubai Events


LEGOLAND Dubai is widely popular for hosting a collection of special events catering to the whole family. From enjoying spooktacular Halloween fun and celebrating the holiday season through Chrismas Bricktacular to beating the scorching summer heat blues, there are lots to look forward to! 

Legoland Dubai Dining


Want to have delicious food without having to comprise on your preferences? Then LEGOLAND Dubai is the place for you. Whether you're looking for gluten-free, halal, vegan, vegetarian or dairy-free cuisines - LEGOLAND Dubai assures to offer a wide range of dishes to suit even the smallest diners.

Legoland Dubai Shopping


Shop your hearts out at LEGOLAND Dubai. Whether you are looking for the perfect souvenir or wish to explore some fascinating Lego toys - this is the ultimate destination for you. Head out to the biggest LEGO store in the Middle East - The Big Shop to discover a diverse selection of LEGO products. You can also check out the Corner shop, Pick-A-Brick and King’s Market that are worth visiting!  

Know Before You Visit

From opening hours and location to safety guidelines and more - find out everything you need to know about Dubai LEGOLAND before visiting the park.

Legoland Dubai Opening Hours

LEGOLAND Dubai is open daily from:

  • Sat to Wed: 10 AM - 6 PM
  • Thur to Fri: 10 AM - 8 PM

Best time to visit:

  • It is recommended to visit the park during weekdays. This allows you to explore the park at your own pace. Weather-wise, Dubai's winter season is ideal for a present experience. On the other hand, locals mark this place as a weekend getaway during summers to escape from the city's scorching heat.
Legoland Dubai Getting There

Address: Legoland Dubai, Sheik Zayed Rd, Dubai
Parking: Parking is free for all visitors to Dubai Parks and Resorts. Valet Parking is available in P1 lot for AED 100.
Getting There:

  • Metro/Taxi: Take the Dubai Metro Red Line towards Jebel Ali and alight at UAE Exchange Station. From there, catch a taxi to Dubai Parks and Resorts. The taxi fare will be approximately AED 40.
  • Metro/Bus: Take the Dubai Metro Red Line towards Jebel Ali and alight at Ibn Battuta Metro Station. From there, catch the RTA Bus - DPR1 to Dubai Parks and Resorts. The cost of the bus journey is AED 5.
Legoland Dubai Facilities
  • Parking is free for all visitors to Dubai Parks and Resorts (Valet Parking is available for AED 100 and is in the P1 lot.)
  • The Park offers numerous dining options from kiosks to buffets offering a variety of family-friendly menu items.
  • LEGOLAND Dubai provides storage facilities. Lockers can be rented and are located in the FACTORY in LEGOLAND® Dubai -ATMs are available in The BIG Shop
  • LEGOLAND Dubai offers a private area for nursing, changing tables, play area and an area for preparing baby food.
  • LEGOLAND Dubai First Aid is located in LEGO CITY, on the right as you exit. MINILAND & next to Market Restaurant.
Legoland Dubai Accessibility
  • Guests with disabilities are charges the standard ticket price however you are entitled to have one free helper pass to allow a helper to assist you during the day.
  • All shops at LEGOLAND Dubai are wheelchair accessible.
  • Manual and electric wheelchairs can be hired at The Corner Shop for use within LEGOLAND Dubai on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • A Ride Access Pass will be issued for guests with a disability following which, you will be able to access the attractions via the listed entrance.
  • Designated parking areas are available throughout Dubai Parks and Resorts for guests with disabilities.
Legoland Dubai Park Rules
  • Outside food is not permitted in the theme park.
  • For Theme Park-the height will be measured with shoes.
  • Children below the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 whilst visiting the park.

Check out some handy tips & tricks that can help make your visit to LEGOLAND Dubai a hassle-free experience:

  • During summers, try and reach the park after sunset. It serves two purposes, one, you can escape the heat, and two, there’s something magical about being in the park after dusk.
  • As you would expect, weekends at the LEGOLAND Dubai are pretty crowded. We would recommend going in during weekdays to skip the crowd.
  • Outside food is not allowed, except for baby food. So pack accordingly.
  • There’s a short walk from where you park your car to the entrance of the park. Wear comfortable footwear because you’ll be walking around a lot!
  • Ensure to carry plenty of water. It will get pretty hot and you’ll need to stay hydrated at all times.
Legoland Dubai Food & Drinks
  • Visit Caesar’s Pizza & Pasta Buffet for delicious yet comforting Italian cuisine. From pizza to pasta, the venue gives a buffet lunch experience that serves vegan, vegetarian, halal and gluten-free dishes.  
  • Be it roast chicken, homemade curry or Mexican Fajitas - the Market Restaurant at LEGOLAND Dubai offers delicious options for guests who are interested in halal, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or dairy-free cuisines. 
Legoland Dubai Accomodation

The Dubai Lego paradise is gearing up to launch the LEGOLAND Hotel that houses Lego-themed rooms and suites. It can host up to 5 - 8 guests and will provide exclusive access to the park as well. 

Legoland Dubai Shopping

Check out some of the places you can shop from when visiting LEGOLAND Dubai:

  • Witness a diverse collection of Lego toys, games, novelty items and lots more at The Big Shop - the largest LEGO store in the Middle East, situated in Factory at LEGOLAND Dubai. 
  • Step into the King's Market at Castle Courtyard to get your hands on everything you need to become a daring young knight or a beautiful princess. 
  • Select LEGO bricks of your choice at Pick-A-Brick store, where you can find a massive collection of loose LEGOs in all sizes, colours and shapes for you to discover.  
  • Find everything from hats and umbrellas to sunscreens and other handy items at the Corner Shop in LEGOLAND Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions About LEGOLAND Dubai

What is Legoland Dubai? 

LEGOLAND Dubai is a lego paradise that covers a mix of indoor and outdoor activities perfect to visit during any time of the year. The park also features the world's first indoor, air-conditioned MINILAND that gives a glimpse into the interactive LEGO models made from over 20 million LEGO bricks. 

Where is LEGOLAND Dubai located?

LEGOLAND Dubai is situated just 20 minutes away from The Dubai Marina. It is located at Dubai Parks and Resorts in Jebel Ali South, off of Sheikh Zayed Road between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Do children below 3 years of age require an admission ticket to enter LEGOLAND Dubai?

Children below 3 years can enter LEGOLAND Dubai for free. Please ensure to carry ID proof to gain free access.

Are there lockers available at LEGOLAND Dubai?

Yes, guests can rent lockers situated in FACTORY in LEGOLAND Dubai.

Are there any restaurants in LEGOLAND Dubai?

Yes, LEGOLAND Dubai has a total of 9 dining and food kiosks.

On what basis will children's height be measured at LEGOLAND Dubai?

Kid's height will be measured with shoes for Theme Park. For Water Park - the height will be measured without shoes.

Are there strollers or wheelchairs available at LEGOLAND Dubai?

Yes, they are available for rent at the car park entrance in RIVERLAND FACTORY in LEGOLAND Dubai.

What is the opening time of LEGOLAND Dubai?

LEGOLAND Dubai is open daily from: Sat to Wed: 10 AM - 6 PM , Thur to Fri: 10 AM - 8 PM

Where can I find ATMs within LEGOLAND Dubai?

Guests can avail the ATM service situated in The BIG Shop.

Is it possible to eat or drink at LEGOLAND Dubai during Ramadan?

Yes. The restaurants in the Park and the Water Pak will continue to remain open during Ramadan.